Scruff a Luvs Blossom Bunnies

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These little fur balls are in need of your help as they arrive in their box being a ball of matted fur and who knows what you are about to rescue, but then you bathe them, you brush them and give them that TLC, you will discover what a great pet they really are!


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Have you ever rescued a bunny in need?   One bunnie will arrive with all scruffy, matted fur...  but once you bathe it and give it a little love & care you find the most incredible friend.  Kind of like a Scruff a Luv!  Inside that matted ball of fur, you will find their true beauty and in return?  They will become your FFF  (Fur Friend Forever!).

Adopt them all but inside the box, you have no idea what color you're getting. But we can guarantee, you will be amazed what that scruffy little ball of matted fur turns into.  

Scruff a Luvs is a proud supporter of the ASPCA and its mission to save lives.  Learn more at

Our toy testers agree, great for ages 2 and up!

1 Bunnie per Box



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Additional Info

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