Smart Lab Ultimate Secret Formula Lab

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Use the included chemicals with common household substances to conduct 40 epic experiments!

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This lively experimentation station is the steppingstone to 40 epic experiments, from a foaming pink volcano to an amazing breathing marshmallow. With the included chemicals, your common kitchen ingredients and the 32-page lab book, science just got much more interesting!

For ages 8-12 yrs,

40 experiments that fizz, change color, disappear, crystalize and defy gravity!

32 page lab book includes detailed instructions that teach chemistry, fluid dynamics, pressure, acids, bases and more • Learn by doing! Explore chemical reactions using different household substances (example: baking soda, dish soap, lemon juice, milk, potato, salt, distilled vinegar etc.)

Perform the experiments in the book, then set up and conduct your own experiments

Includes: • Base station with supports • Pneumatic Plunger • Cylinder • 3 Valves • Large test tube holder • Large test tube • 2 Reservoirs • Reservoir cap • 4 Rubber grommets • 2 Small test tube caps • 2 Small test tubes • 6 Snap clips • Erlenmeyer flask • Tall beaker • 5 Clear vinyl tubes • Petri dish and lid • Pipette • 10 grams Calcium chloride • 59 mL Phenol red • 20 grams Calcium hydroxide • 20 pH Test strips • Spill containment tray

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Additional Info

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