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hi there!

just wanted to let you know what was going on around here – calico critters is running a special where you get a free calico critters mouse pad with a purchase of $25 worth of calico critter merchandise! these look really cool, but why would you want to invite a mouse to live next to your computer?

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water balloon fight!

hi everybody! we just got a new toy in the store and i am really excited about it! it’s called a pumponator and it’s so cool even i can use it in the water balloon fight!


the pumponator comes with balloons and string to easily tie off the balloons once they are filled. and here’s the cool part – you can use either water or air to fill the balloons! fill up the bottle with water, put a balloon on the nozzle, pull the trigger, and the balloon is full – that quick! this is paw-fect! if you don’t want to use the string that comes in the kit, you can use a tie-not – it comes with even more balloons.

this is going to make the kids toy tester day on saturday, may 15 from 11 to 4 even more fun – can you imagine a bunch of testers using these to stay supplied with ammo?

wait a minute – i’m telling you how to arm yourself against me? what’s wrong with me??

see you at the toy tester day!

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