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blinglets and tiaras

today was the last kidtivity for the month. i’m kind of sad, but since kidtivities starts again on july 13, with the beach shell craft, i’ve got something to look forward to with all of you!

now, everyone knows that to be a proper princess you must have a tiara, and what good is a tiara if you don’t have some “bling” to show off on your wrist?

of course, you are all invited to sign up for the july kidtivities – if they are even half as much fun as the june kidtivities, then we are going to have a blast! check out the opportunities on the july schedule!

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my first scissors

today the little two-leggeds who came in for the kidtivity got to practice their cutting with the my first scissors kit. this easy to use scissors fits the smaller hands and makes cutting paper a real cinch!

kidtivities is going to take a couple of weeks off, for the fourth of july, and be back in full swing on july 13 with the beach shell craft. check out the calendar for more information!

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wind chimes kidtivity

today the little two-leggeds made wind chimes. they used the wind chime kit, painted the two miniature clay pots, and hung the chimes with the string included. most of them said they were going to go home and hang them up where they can hear them every time the breeze blows!

be sure to check out the rest of the june kidtivities on the calendar!

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tissue art

today was tissue art day for the kidtivity. this little girl was very happy with her star to this point – and she was really happy when she was finished!

check out next week’s kidtivities on the calendar!
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yesterday was the “painting a playhouse” kidtivity. the little two-leggeds were supposed to paint a small cardboard playhouse or a small cardboard shuttle. the big two-leggeds said there was a problem getting the small ones, so …

… they painted big ones! for the same price! my mom sure does know how to treat our customers right!

today is tissue paper art – i can’t wait to see how creative the little two-leggeds get!

be sure to check out the calendar for next week’s kidtivities. it’s going to be lots of fun!

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kidtivities and summer

summer time is great – kidtivities kick off, and little two-leggeds get to come in and play! if you got the e-mail from the store today, you saw a picture from bubber fun from last week. here are pictures from the garden stones today!

gotta run – i hear someone coming!

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june is here – that means the little two-leggeds are out of school and here at kidstop it means that we have the kidtivities starting soon!