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winners from the toy tester event

i have a whole bunch of winners to list from the toy tester event. some of them have already picked up their prizes, and the rest of the prizes are waiting for their winners to take them home. i asked (politely, of course!) for a two-legged visiting the store to draw some names to get the list going, because i didn’t want anyone to think i was playing favorites. i didn’t get a picture of them, but i did get a picture of one of those winners and his brothers drawing more names!

here’s the list:

shannon won four tickets to the botanical gardens, courtesy of arizona parenting.

jason, elias and nykolas each won a blast pad courtesy of my mom here at kidstop toys. nykolas was really happy with his prize!

louisa won won four tickets to legoland, courtesy of arizona parenting.

cliff and brothers dj and garrett won dodge tags courtesy of kidstop toys. dj and garrett look like they are going to have lots of fun!

anna won four tickets to a diamondbacks game courtesy of arizona parenting.

daniella and zohar won a sand and water table like the ones we had out for the event.

madeline and kyra won mashoonga sets. mashoonga was the paws-down favorite of all the two-leggeds at the event.

elizabeth won four tickets to the botanical gardens, courtesy of arizona parenting.

karen won an ogo sport disk and pumponator package.

nikki won four legoland tickets courtesy of arizona parenting.

anitha won a red ezy-roller like the ones that were on the race course.

katarina, sonnett, nathanial and thomas won pogo sticks and gift certificates from kidstop toys. here’s thomas picking up his pogo stick and certificate:

shawn won four daimondbacks tickets courtesy of arizona parenting.

arnida won the flying turtle that she used to fly around the race course.

amaris, uriah, and josh won jump ropes and gift certificates from kidstop toys. here’s josh with his prize:

not all of the “kids” who come by to visit me are little people!

kathie won the plasma car, and jessica won the green kazam bike.

kaile, debra, and ashton won sets of stilts like the ones that were tested during the kids toy tester day.

congratulations to all the winners! if you haven’t picked up your prize yet, be sure to come in soon. if you want, i’ll ask one of the two-leggeds around here to take your picture, and we can add it to the list!

i would like to send out a big thank you to all of our friends who came out to help make this a wonderful event: the doctors and staff from advanced vision & achievement center, lesley at affiliated pediatric dentistry & orthodontist, ajo al’s, my best bud todd at arizona parenting magazine, bruce brown and his wonderful food, julee and the whole community tire pit crew, rob at desert designer for building the biggest sand box i’ve ever played in, gail at the fitness factory, the great people at hager’s journeys, the team at just kids studio, my friends over at kids park, the wonderful staff from kumon, the mad science guys, missy at musicology, sandi at personal touch property services, the doctors and staff from strictly chiropractic, and of course kidstop toys!
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first annual kid toy tester day

boy, did we have a lot of fun today! all the two-leggeds around here are wiped out from the toy tester event.


we started setting up this morning about 8:00. our friends from just kids photography had a sno-cone booth set up. bruce brown catering came in and set up a lunch counter with some delicious food! word on the street is the bbq chicken sandwich was excellent. since i can’t have people food, i have to take the word of the two-leggeds who tried them.


by 9:00, the toy testers were already lined up to register.


josh and cary were kept hopping at the obstacle course, where kids got to try mini scooters, ezy rollers, kazam bikes, flying turtles, and plasma cars.


i’ll share more pictures later – someone’s coming, and i don’t want them to catch me on the computer!

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almost ready

yesterday, for the spot on fox 10 news, we had a lot of hard workers:

my buddy todd and his son ty set up the mashoonga ring:

todd and ty with mashoonga2

mom and josh were putting out the plasma cars for the obstacle course:

setting up

check out the size of that sand box!

sand box

mom and kathy and cary were working real hard to make sure everything was ready for the kid toy tester event on saturday (that’s tomorrow!) from 11 to 4. i thought they had been working a little too long and a little too hard so i had to go check on them. i was going to tell them to take a break, but what do you think i found them doing? that’s right – sleeping on the job!

passed out

see you tomorrow!

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fox 10 news and cory came to visit

my friend cory and his fox 10 news crew came to visit us this morning to show off the kid toy tester event that is happening saturday, may 15, from 11 to 4 here at the store.

it was so cool – he talks about everything that’s going to happen on saturday, and mom even got interviewed! did you see my friend todd in the background? i would have been interviewed, too, but i was busy testing even more toys in the store.

mom and the crew are getting everything ready – they are working real hard to make sure this is the best toy test event ever.

see you saturday!

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… two …

i got a sneak peek at some of the competition for the obstacle course. there will be plasma cars, flying turtles, and ezyrollers for the little two-leggeds to try out – but you gotta watch out, ’cause this littel girl is taking this verrrrrry seriously!

stiff competition2

just look at that scowl of determination! she’s not going to be easy to beat, that’s for sure!

see you at the kid toy tester event two days from now – saturday, may 15, from 11 to 4!

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… three …

oh, my goodness. three days until the kid toy tester event on saturday may 15 and the two-leggeds are frantic trying to make sure everything is paw-fect for the testers.

backpacks are being stuffed full of goodies (the first thousand testers get a free backpack to keep!) and the toys are all ready. now all they have to do is fill up all the water balloons!

see you there!

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… four …

the countdown is on and the two-leggeds are running around like i don’t know what! i went outside earlier to see what all the noise was, and guess what i saw?

kidstop event

that big truck is pouring out lots of sand for the sand play area. mom says i can’t go in there until after everyone finishes playing at the kid toy tester event on saturday, may 15. there are going to be a lot of kids out here with their parents, testing all kinds of toys and playing games and having fun at all the activities from 11 to 4!

sure hope to see you there!

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sneak peek

hi everybody! it’s me, mcguire, again. i got a sneak-peek picture of the backpack for the kid toy tester day here at the store on may 15 from 11 to 4 – wanna see it?


it’s so cool – i even get to wear one to show it off!

well, i better get back to sniffing out the best toys for you – it’s a never-ending job!

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water balloon fight!

hi everybody! we just got a new toy in the store and i am really excited about it! it’s called a pumponator and it’s so cool even i can use it in the water balloon fight!


the pumponator comes with balloons and string to easily tie off the balloons once they are filled. and here’s the cool part – you can use either water or air to fill the balloons! fill up the bottle with water, put a balloon on the nozzle, pull the trigger, and the balloon is full – that quick! this is paw-fect! if you don’t want to use the string that comes in the kit, you can use a tie-not – it comes with even more balloons.

this is going to make the kids toy tester day on saturday, may 15 from 11 to 4 even more fun – can you imagine a bunch of testers using these to stay supplied with ammo?

wait a minute – i’m telling you how to arm yourself against me? what’s wrong with me??

see you at the toy tester day!

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fishing, too?

are you going to be at the kids toy tester day on saturday may 15? it runs from 11 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, and it’s only ten days away! even the littlest two-leggeds will have something to do – there is going to be a fishing pond in the fountain! we have a “catch of the day” set that has real-life fish action, and the smaller two-leggeds will be able to try their hand at catching one of these slippery beauties. the trick is – you can’t see the fish for the rubber duckies!


i look forward to seeing you at the kid toy tester day on saturday, may 15 from 11 to 4!

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