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It’s Time to Get Your Back to School Mojo On!

Everywhere you go right now, walls of backpacks, lunch totes and composition notebooks are there to greet you, reminding us that our sleep in days, long lazy afternoons and swim time is about to end.   We all know that there is a little more to getting ready for school then picking out your backpack and new sneakers.   Getting your school routine back on track should probably be considered one of the top priorities so a few of us older moms here at Kidstop got together and came up with a few tips we have found to work over the years.

Make It Fun –  Shopping for your Back to School supplies should be a fun day for you and your child.  (If you have more than one – one child per day.)   Start the day early by going to breakfast at your fav breakfast stop and then off to shop.  That day can start the “earlier rising” routine to slowly re-introduce the early wake up time.  The goal is to start your new school year on a bright and less harried note when the first week appears.   Don’t wait too long to set up your back to school routine. The longer you wait to get the children into the habit of going to bed at a set bedtime, the harder time your children will have getting up for school in the morning.   Of course, if you can help your children get into the routine of going to bed earlier, choosing their clothes for the next day and being sure everything is in their backpack the day will start much better.

Of course we’re going to tell you our favorite backpacks and items for the school year like:

Backpacks from LEGO & MadPax.318466_2_1

Faber-Castell Pencils, Coloring Pencils & Markers which are the best.

9121224_a_sp16You know how all that lead falls out when you sharpen your pencils?  Doesn’t happen with these.  Which means pencils for   the entire school year!










Keep It Interesting – Another suggestion from our team was to re-introduce “lunch time”.   Pick a day or two to try out your new lunch totes.  Go to the park or somewhere fun and bring along the lunch totes stocked with a grade A lunch.  Make it feel just like a school day lunch complete recess!!

Zoli NomNom Lunch Totes and Zoli This & That Canisters get the A+ mark.0207197_20376.jpg

The NomNom Lunch Tote is insulated so packing lunchtime goodies in the roomy and insulated bag is no problem. Use the adjustable divider to keep hot foods separate from cold foods or simply fold the divider back if you don’t need it.   The double stacked canisters below,  can keep mac & cheese warm and fresh fruit chilled till lunch time.  Here in Arizona where the lunch totes have warm days in the lockers this, too is an A+.

zoli_all_colors_thisthatAnd for all the little surprises to hide away in backpacks and lunch totes – we got you covered there with lunch notes and food surprises like creating fun sandwiches with FunBites!


Have a great school year and our hope is to help you to make it just a tad bit more special!

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