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How to Avoid Summer Meltdowns!

Summertime means fun, vacations, sleepovers….   and then all of a sudden the meltdowns start.  The tears, the crying, the tantrums which we don’t understand in the midst of all this family fun.   We need to remember summertime is all about the fun, family and friends but it also brings that break in our routine which can be fun and great but for little ones this can cause anxiety, feeling out of sorts or simply feeling left out.   So we brainstormed and came up with a few tips to help you keep your summer on track.

#1  Keep A Schedule

Written schedule on the fridge or one with pictures for younger kids,  just like us, kids want to know what’s happening next.   How many days till we go to Uncle Mike’s and Aunt Debbie’s?  When do we leave for Disneyland?  These questions can be answered with a walk to your calendar.  Add simple chores that they can do to help you prepare for the big day whether it be laundry one day or packing our little travel backpack the day before.  1503_FamGames_H

DO plan for weekly fun like family game nights, early mornings at the park or zoo and outings for ice cream and movies.  Simple things build strong families.

#2  Pick A Code Word

Having one’s schedule changed can add stress onto our little ones because they don’t know what to expect next when walking down that hallway to a plane, being in one’s car seat for a longer period of time. Pick a family code word that when your child uses it, assure them that you will respond right away.   Talk about what’s happening and we suggest rewarding this behavior with a little snack or surprise.   We feel that diaper backs and Mommy travel backpacks should hold a few surprises!  You get the picture.  Teach them to handle stress by talking to you, not melting down.  It will help to them to keep calmer.

#3  Have Family Meetings

Before events, hold a family meeting.  Let them know what’s happening.  What time you will be leaving and what they can expect to happen (and remember, events are fun!) but by setting parameters you have created the same environment teachers do.  Here is what is happening and here’s your schedule now let’s go have fun.


#4  Plan Ahead & Keep Cool

Okay, Moms, you got homework.  Planning ahead for those little emergencies that can railroad your outing, well, that’s our job.  Packing an extra set of clothes, sunscreen and snacks if water is planned for the day.   Small toy to keep them occupied during the drive to the event but pulling one out for good behavior, priceless.   Kate’s favorites for packing extras and I still use today?  Itzy Ritzy travel bags.

Keeping cool?  Our pick at Babystop is the Prodoh Active Wear.   UV protection and fabric that dries in minutes.aqua-shirt_large  You know – for the times they run through that splash pad one more time?  We love the Prodoh shirts and shorts!

For Babies?  Travel with the Nuna IVVI and relax time in the Nuna Leaf.  Removable pads to a mesh back keeps babies & toddlers cooler.   Very clever extra from the designers at Nuna.

#5  Keep Sleep a Priority

We all know this one too well and how quickly the crankies appear when slumber disappears.  Continue to make your child’s sleep schedule a priority even in summer.   While you may adjust your schedule to accommodate a later evening,  it is still important to establish a sleep pattern and wake times throughout the summer that keep kids in the game.   Three weeks before school starts, revert back to your school schedule to help your little ones get back in the groove this August.

It’s official, summer has arrived in the valley.  If you need any other ideas or want to see what we have to help keep your summer time a great time, stop by Kidstop & Babystop or check out our website.  New things are always showing up to help make this parenting a job a little easier & with smiles.  Have a great summer!



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