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The Bark Report with Miss Murphee

So, you say you want to become a toy tester?

Murphee has watched her big sister do it flawlessly for years and now it is her time to shape the future of our toy store & baby store.   McGuire’s words of advice to Murphee?  Stay upbeat and realize that your job as a toy tester does not come easily and we will expect LOTS of wonderful info from you as you test hundreds of toys that arrive every month!


IMG_1230We know that little ones grow up to do neat things!  Now it is time for Murphee to take her place as the head toy tester for Kidstop & Babystop.

MIss Murphee at Babystop

Murphee is up to the challenge but has a small request from all her fans.   She wants your assistance in testing all these toys.   We are looking for families to help us test the dozens (if not hundreds) of toys that enter our doors.  Twelve families will be selected to test two toys per month and then report back to Murphee on one of her Toy Bark Reports, post on Kidstop’s or Babystop’s Facebook pages to tell all of us of their findings and to post reviews on our web pages.   Murphee and her manufacturer friends are ready for the good, the great and the … ugh  …  ugh …. so so?   We just want honesty on what you think of the toys we have found.  THEN  the event you have been begging us to bring back is back.  Kidstop’s Annual Toy Tester Event will be held on November 5th with the winning toys announced later that month on a toy list no one should miss.   Our toy experts have been thanked profusely every year and now with Murphee at the helm we are planning to bring you the best toys one can find in our store AND on our web site.  When we put a Paw of Approval on a toy, it is a great toy.



Miss Murphee training under the watchful eye of Miss McGuire.







Miss McGuire is doing fine, just ready to enjoy more R & R without all those responsibilities.  You can find her most days snoozing under Kate’s desk at Babystop or sunbathing outside on the patio.  McGuire definitely deserves her retirement time.  All of us at Kidstop miss her but know that she is just steps away so hugs and treats continue as usual.




  1. What a coveted job! Can’t wait to hear more about how to become a toy tester and excited to attend the event – so glad it’s back!

    Comment by Chrisal Valenci — March 30, 2016 @ 8:50 pm

  2. Final plans have started and will be rolled out in a week or two!

    Comment by admin — April 4, 2016 @ 8:49 pm

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